• Easy Bleach 202

    Easy Bleach 202 is a wood bleaching agent use to lighten the colours and to achieve an uniform wood colours for staining or finishing purposes.
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  • Polyurethane Sealer & Lacquer

    Polyurethane coatings have excellent durability and provides excellent scratch, heat and stain resistance. They are fast drying and produced great clarity in clear finishes.  Comes in different sheens for your finishing requirements. Available range of products : PU Sealer 536, PU Sealer 606 (non-yellowing) PU Gloss Finish 532, PU Matt Finish 534, PU Matt Finish 534-20, PU Satin Finish 534-30, PU Satin Finish 534-40 PU High Gloss Finish 585
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  • Acid Catalysed Sealer & Lacquer

    Acid catalysed coatings is a two-component, fast curing coatings by the use of an acid catalyst solution. It gives your wood projects good chemical resistance and is very durable. Comes in different sheens for your finishing requirements.

    Available range of AC products :

    AC Sealer 506

    AC Gloss Finish 505, AC Matt Finish 504, AC Matt Finish 504-20, AC Satin Finish 504-30, AC Satin Finish 504-40


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  • Nitrocellulose Sealer & Lacquer

    Nitrocellulose coating is a one-component coating which is very popular due to its fast drying properties and easy to work with. They are easy to touch-ups and restore and gives wood a natural warmth finishing look. It is most widely use in woodworking industries.

    Available range of NC products :

    NC Sealer 422, NC Sealer 433, NC Sealer UV99

    NC Gloss 722, NC Gloss 733, NC Gloss 922, NC Matt 924, NC Matt 5054

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  • Cold Galvanize Coating 908

    A high solid zinc derivatives coating. Specially designed to offer galvanize protection in mild to moderate aggressive environment.

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  • Hammertone Enamel

    Hammertone Finish is a fast drying enamel paint used to decorate and protect metal surfaces. It gives a “hammer-hit” effect.

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  • Etching Primer

    Etching Primer is a long exposure type “wash primer” based on Vinyl Butyral Resin providing the necessary etching to enhance adhesion for subsequent coatings.

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  • Patina Finish

    Patina Finish is specially formulated for the creation of the patina effects like antique appearances, golden linings, silvery raggings etc on wrought iron, steel and various metallic surfaces. It has a slower drying time to allow more time for your own desired artist creations.

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  • Gold Paint 58

    Gold Paint 58 is a high-quality, high opacity acrylic gold paint giving a rich gold finish.

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